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Here are some of the comments, write-ups, etc.

Glamrockz absolutely rock n rolled, 

I've never seen such a crowd have such a great time, fab night !

thanks to all that came out to see Glamrockz last night, packed to the rafters and was great to see peeps singing and dancing along to all the old glam favourites, its the best night this venue has seen in years !

it was a case of back to the future with this friday's gig @ the Cross Keys, when Glamrockz came up with the idea of forming a tribute to the music and the stars of the early seventies Glam period, they unleashed a monster !

it was so good to see so many people enjoying a teenage rampage, and re living their youth, & those not old enough to remember were converted by the end of the night, this is one band that can bottle up an atmosphere, screw off the top and pour it out where ever they go to creating an amazing evening for one and all, i wont go into the technical side of the band but the sound and authenticity is what you'd expect from such music pros. And the audience reliving the dream in fancy dress it was a night to remember and savour, pure entertainment !

Glamrockz return to the keys

When i walked in i could feel the atmosphere already building, there was an expectancy, people weren't just there to make up the numbers, they were there to see this show, Glamrockz, to be a part of the experience, the night. The band walked out onto the stage to huge applause, even air horns sounding the welcome to the stage for Glamrockz.

They belted out their songs that everyone knew and sang along to, even David Essex for the girls, and wash my mouth out, 

The Bay City Rollers, the first spot ended too quickly but it wasn't long before they were back and the party was even bigger and madder than ever, if that were possible, even a womble appeared from nowhere and bounced onto the stage ! if you have not seen Glamrockz, go see them, if you haven't booked them for your pub, club, party, event, then do so because you are missing out. 

Now my feet are grounded after such an incredible high following

Saturday please let me say the following,

Your'e awesomeness to perform, to entertain and to take so many of us back to those youth club days is incredible. 

it is difficult to express in words your abilities to recreate such nostalgia. In addition to your generosity on supporting Saturdays charity which i know is close to your hearts.

My heartfelt thanks for making the evening such a success,

thanks guys, you are all my favourites !