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The history of Glamrockz

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Posted by [email protected] on October 17, 2016 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Glamrockz Kicked off in september 2010 by myself, but i didnt want the usual tinsel wig, fancy dress, cheesy party band sing along song that actually had nothing what so ever to do with Glam rock. The Early 70's was my time, my passion, i wanted an authentic, passionate tribute to the music and the stars of the time, to re capture the look, the feel, the nostalgia, the fun. Glamrockz was the outcome.
We first hit the road in late february 2011 and in no time at all were packing out pubs, clubs, venues, rallies, we were invited onto local radio, Glam rock radio shows and i myself even did an interview about Glam rock along with others for the Beeb. Glamrockz had well and truly arrived.

The first person to join me was Dave TheLaw Wilson, an immense guitar vocal front person whos history and influences were David Bowie and Mott the Hoople, here is Dave as Ian Hunter during his time with the band.

Second in was BSD. Big Sexy Dave as he is known. An absolute larger than life caracter, bassplayer, singer front person, he really took the his role and played his part unfaulteringly.
Here is BSD in his guise as Roy Wood from Wizzard.

Last but by no means least came Rod, without doubt one of the most powerful, perfecting drummer/showmen in his own right i have ever worked with, The one and only Rod Fearnley.

Billy joined in 2016 and left a year later in 2017 due to work commitments, a truly brilliant guitar player and band mate, he is missed, 

But, as time went on, the guys served their time with the band and all moved on to other things leaving me to continue what i had created.
So, adverts were placed and many came, but it took me over a year to find the ones i thought were the right people to carry on the good name and traditions of Glamrockz, first in was an old friend of mine from times gone by Chris Chadwick, Chris's past laid mostly in very successful comedy showbands from the WMC scene from the 80's and 90's Chris is a brilliant Key's man, who applies attention to detail that really sets his sound apart, as well as having a great lead vocal and harmony singer.
Here is Chris in his current guise as the legend that is Roy Wood of Wizzard

Next to join was Tracy. Tracy was bassist/ harmony vocalist with Machine gun Etiquette, the only Tribute band in the Country to The Dammed, who actually toured with Marc Bolan, Tracy has also played in other glam rock bands so is a time served verteran of ealy 70's Glam rock music and is without doubt a great asset to the band, our very own Suzi Quattro

Next in was Darren, what a powerhouse drummer he is, Daz works to perfecting standards and has come directly from the Queen Tribute scene working with Tv Talent show winners, a comsumate professional. 

And so to myself, Marc Bolan was my influence, it was him that got me to play guitar, ive been lucky enough to be a recording artist in the early 80's and to have worked with many of the greats, including Marc's son Rolan, here's a pic of me doing my bit,

And finally, the Star of the show :lol: thanks for looking and see you at a show !